In accordance with the World Health Organization's 10 Steps For Successful Breastfeeding as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics' Policy Statement on Breastfeeding, our goal is to support and encourage all families who desire to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months and to continue, after complementary foods are introduced, until at least one year. We seek to help families initiate breastfeeding and to assure its continued success by monitoring at regular monthly visits and making referrals as appropriate. We have an in-house lactation consultant who communicates with the clinicians regarding her findings and plan for successful breastfeeding tailored to the individual family's goals and cultural beliefs.


Click here to view our short guide to "Breastfeeding Success"


Our physicians are on the medical staffs of Children's Hospital Oakland, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Berkeley, and Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley.


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Do you want to know:

               What will happen in the hospital after my baby is born?

               What do pediatricians look for in the first few days?

               How can I reach my pediatrician with questions?

               Or do you have other questions you'd like answered?

Please join us at any of the following prenatal sessions and meet our doctors and nurse practitioners.

All sessions start promptly at 5:30 pm. Please call the office of your choice to reserve a space.


                        Alameda Office                                                   Decmber 2, 2015            March 2, 2016

                       1332 Park Street, Suite 200                              January 6, 2016              April 6, 2016

                        510-523-3123                                                      February 3, 2016                                                   


                        Castro Valley Office                                          December 8, 2015            March 8, 2016

                        20126 Stanton Avenue, Suite 200                 January 12, 2016             April 12, 2016      

                        510-881-4210                                                     February 9, 2016


                         Oakland Office                                                  December 10, 2015            April 14, 2016                                                                      3300 Webster Street, Suite 1202                        January 14, 2016            

                         510-433-1040                                                    February 11, 2016

                                                                                                       March 10, 2016

PLEASE NOTE: It is our policy to see your newborn within the first few days after birth/leaving the hospital so

that we can evaluate any weight loss, jaundice, feeding problems, or other developmental issues. This is not considered a well exam and may be covered differently by your insurance company. For example, co-pays or deductibles may apply.


Q: How do we let your office know that we had our baby?

A. When you check into the hospital to have your baby, your labor nurse will ask you who you have chosen to be the pediatrician for your baby. The nurse will then notify our office that we have a new patient. You do not need to call our office yourself.

Q: Will one of the doctors from Primary Pediatric Medical Group meet us in the hospital?

A. Yes, if your baby is born at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center or Eden Hospital. One doctor from the group is assigned to make rounds at those hospitals each day. That doctor will see you, examine your baby, and discuss how things are going. On the day you go home, the doctor will make a plan of when you need to be seen in the office.

Q: How do we arrange a circumcision for our baby boy?

A: We have a pediatrician, Dr. Usem, who performs circumcisions in our Oakland office. The procedure is usually done within the baby's first month of life.

Q: What if my baby gets sick or has problems after the delivery while we are still in the hospital?

A: There are neonatologists (specialists in newborns) who are always in the hospital. These doctors would see your baby immediately in the event of an emergency at the delivery or afterwards. Sometimes babies have to be cared for in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). We would not be the primary doctor for your baby in the case that he/she was in the NICU but we would be updated by the neonatologist.

Q: Can we see a lactation (breastfeeding) specialist?

A: If you request to see a lactation specialist, you may be referred to see our lactation consultant, Georganne Walker, by one of the pediatricians or you may phone and make an appointment yourself if you would like to be seen. This visit is normally covered by your insurance carrier. Georganne is also available to see you for a "back to work" visit if you plan to return to work and continue breastfeeding. She usually sees patients in our Alameda office.

Q: How soon after going home from the hospital will we come to the office ?

A: Usually we ask you to come in to the office in about 2-3 days after leaving the hospital. Sometimes we may ask to see you the next day. We like to see babies so soon because problems with feeding and jaundice are important to address in those first few days. Also, we like to get a chance to see you and see how you are doing as new parents.



Do you want to know:

What will happen in the hospital after my baby is born? What do pediatricians look for in the first few days?  How can I reach my pediatrician with questions?  Or do you have other questions you'd like answered?

​Please join us at any of the following prenatal sessions and meet our doctors and nurse practitioners.

All sessions start promptly at 5:30 pm. Please call the office of your choice to reserve a space.

Alameda Office                                                 February 7, 2018
 1332 Park Street, Suite 200                         
March 7, 2018

 510-523-3123                                                    April 4, 2018

                                                                              May 2, 2018

                                                                                       June 6, 2018

Castro Valley Office                                          
February 13, 2018    
20126 Stanton Avenue, Suite 200                 
March 13, 2018        
April 10, 2018

                                                                    May 8, 2018

                                                                                        June 12, 2018

Oakland Office                                                  February 15, 2018               

3300 Webster St #1202                                  March 1, 2018      
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